Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall...Tis the Season!

I love all things fall...the smells, the pumpkins, the colors, and the family time. I also LOVE decorating for fall. Here is some of the touches to my house. Every year Rusty and I have a "Harvest Party" every year it gets BIGGer and BIgger. This year was really fun. I love parties and love to host parties. This party  is a good excuse to get some organizing done before Brassy Blueberries season kicks off.
 I bought cheap ($1 books) and cut them after I tore the spines out of them and then put a stick in the middle...It made a cute pumpkin book. I put some cute ribbon around the top.FYI I think it works better if you chose a book with a small spine.
 The beloved stump. Some of my girlfriends will get the beloved part. We all bought them and like to show off/compete with who has the coolest stump per the season. My kids love that the rats have necklaces.
 My favorite pumpkin

 The chalkboard in my entry way. It is a piece of plywood with chalk paint. I usually keep bible verses that coordinate with the season but this one was cute. In the spider web is 6 spiders which is our family and the one with the string attached is sweet Shepherd in China...He's coming home hopefully soon.
 Parties aren't complete with a bunch of 7 year olds and a flag football game. Those are made of painted PVC pipe.
 My painted plywood we decorate outdoors with. Look how pretty the trees look in the back ground.

 Blankets for the back porch. I guarantee that every time I plan the Harvest Party it will be the coldest night of the year.
 Football games on the porch for the men.
 The crock pot table. It helps when you live next door to the greatest party planner ever!!

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