Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's that time....Or you might be a little late

I don't know about you...but family pics are important to me. My husband and kids, not so much. The older they get the more they understand this is not a joke and momma gonna snap if they don't cooperate.

I'm not big into matchy match. I am into colors, I am still into denim with some variations, and I am into patterns. So if you are someone that is stuck still wearing black and white or denim...I urge you to step out of the box! It will either be your favorite Christmas pic of the year or your kids will think you have lost your mind. I am going to show you some of my favorite family pics, some inspirations for your focus outfit, and a MAJOR do not!

Love how she did some neutrals with the blues and then added a POP of turq...she matched her daughters dress to her cute necklace.

 Here's some denim and some red. She made her daughters dress the highlight and then the red became her pop for everyone.

Who doesn't LOvE this pic! The leopard (which is the new neutral) and then just for fun she added her cute mustard shoes. Oh, and that mustard color is precious.

I am risky...all this color makes my heart SING. She tied all the colors in with at least two of them having the same color. Who does not love a little girl in those ruffle tights. Again mustard.
And some neutral. But we have brown boots, we have black boots, we have gingham (which is that precious dad with all those girls:)), we have fur and denim. How stinking cute and there house entrance matches.
This is a great FALL assemble. It's matchy but has so many colors.

Green is s fun color too!!
This is very neutral...but there is a POP of mint and peach. So cute!
and if you can't break the cycle with grey, black, and white just make sure that you have A lot of different patterns.

There is SUCH a thing as too much denim...do not be a victim.
Rules of Family Pictures per ME:
1) Have a few family members have some colors that match
2) Break free of the ordinary, at least once year
3) There is such a thing as too much of a good thing
4) If you go neutral pick at least one color that at least two of you have on...whether it's a necklace, scarf, or shoe.
Can't wait to get your cards...it is the most wonderful time of the year!!!

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