Monday, October 7, 2013

I could write an HGTV show...

There is never a dull moment when you are with me (or my kids), and definitely when you are with me in Canton, Texas setting up for First Monday Trade Days (my mom and I own a booth there called Brassy Blueberries - women's clothing and accessories). You will experience all aspects of my "Hot mess self":)

Mom and I were so excited about setting up for Canton this month, so we headed out on our Adventure ready to organize, clean and set up for a great fall Canton . About midnight we started to head to the lake house after a full day of setting up. But first I needed to park the trailer.

I should really practice taking the trailer off the truck when it is not pitch black and do it more than a couple times a year. This particular night I could not get the trailer to unhook, so I grabbed a brick to hit the hitch to see if I could loosen it up. I was worried about my rings, so I took my wedding rings and Aggie ring off and put them on the bumper.

About 1:00am we started the trek home. We got down hwy 19, got on Interstate 20, and exited hwy 17 toward Grand Saline. My mom started taking about jewelry and I immediately felt shock, horror,and sadness. I hopped out of the truck trying to explain to my mom what I had forgotten to get off the bumper! To my happy surprise, my wedding rings were sitting on the back bumper...how does that happen after driving for several miles?? God must have known that Rusty and I could not handle one more big expense, we have been bleeding money between our oven, the rock that i hit that ripped the running board off the Yukon, new tires, or especially the adoption.
The rings that were left on the bumper

By now I don't know whether to be happy about all the rings I have or cry for a minute about the Aggie ring I didn't have. My mom said she would follow me along hwy 19 in the truck so I could use the light. Since it was about two in the morning there was no one but us on the road. I walked from the Arbors to the McDonalds with my mom following me. As I walked near McDonalds, I see a police cruiser and they quickly whip around and start questioning my mom and I trying to determine if we were in a domestic dispute. I explain the story.

Desperate times call for desperate measures right? He kinda flirts a little with me, I figured two things, 1) Rusty will be upset about me losing an expensive ring and can look past flirting and 2) The cop does not need to know that I am over 30 and have a million kids. So I flirt just enough for him to offer me ride in the cop car so that I can use his high beam spotlight. So as we drove 5mph down Interstate 20, I shined the spotlight in all kinds of places and saw a million shiny things along the highway. The cop kept saying, "When that ring hit the road it bounced and bounced and then more than likely a truck shot it into the woods." I threw in the towel and we headed home about 2:30. am.

I did call Rusty at 2 in the am to give him the news because I didn't want to worry about him being frustrated with me... i called 4 times and he didn't answer. About 2:45 am I got a phone call from a 903 area code number and when I answered, my phone died. Seriously I CANNOT make this stuff up! We turned around and headed back to Canton. I called the Canton police and they told me to meet the cops at McDonalds. When I got there, the cops were so excited to hand me my Aggie ring...no dents and in perfect shape. They had found it in the middle of Interstate 20.

All our friends in Canton have been rubbing my head with all my luck. Mom and I have had more fun experiences in our Canton adventures...Life would be boring...without Canton and without me. Andrew Shull, State Farm Agent, we really need to talk about insuring my kids ASAP!


  1. I'm so glad you found all of them! It's crazy that they found it on the highway!!!

    I take my rings off for the summer because there's just too much garden and farm to mess around with... and last week I went to put them back on and found my wedding rings but not my Aggie Ring. And I was super sad... I think sadder than about my wedding rings? Is that weird? Because my wedding rings could be replaced but the Aggie Ring would never be the same? I don't know. But I found it a couple hours later in a different spot :)

  2. SO glad you found them!!!! I met you on Seaside this summer and I am so thrilled for your adoption!!!