Sunday, July 20, 2014

Great wall and Number 12

This guy and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary in style! On one of the 7 wonders of the world! It was breathtaking. Our guide really wanted us to see the original wall. Past 701 steps and lots of walking you come to where the road has not been renovated and it becomes a small 2 foot wide trail. It was so crazy to think people built this road. I was so tired all along many of the towers but Bill, our guide, was so excited to show us the original wall. Bill became our friend and I would tease him about his "hot date" he had gone on Saturday night. He kept having all the posses he wanted us to take of him. I sweat in places I didn't know possible! Rusty...well if you know him well you know it wasn't pretty. We went straight from the wall to the airport....so gross! We met some Aggies on the wall and told Bill all about being an Aggie. We had him saying gig 'em and even gave him an Aggie football shirt for his gift. I am pretty sure that Rusty and I shocked the Chinese people in the bathroom changing and applying LOTS of baby powder. We have had such a great time sightseeing. We have been so surprised by how impatient this culture is. THEY WILL RUN you over...there are no please' or thank yous'. We are getting more aggressive and it makes me miss Texas! We got to our hotel late in Kunming and now we are sitting waiting for gotcha day''. We are so ready to get our hands on sweet Shepherd. We have met/have a college friend here too that we will meet up with on Friday who are all having gotcha day today! Can't wait to meet back up with everyone!! Thanks in advance for all the love and prayers.


  1. Its officially countdown time! I can't wait to see the 3 of you together. Please post ASAP... You know mawmaw can't stay awake late but I'm going to wake during the night and check. Love y'all and praying for sweet shep as he transitions to his new life!��

  2. So excited for y'all! Loving the pics!! Covering y'all in prayer... Lots of Love