Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aggieland a Bucket List Experience

This weekend was filled with such great memories. If you have never experienced a football game in Aggieland it should be on your bucket list! Rusty and I were so excited to show our kids a little slice of Heaven for ourselves. As we entered College Station,  Rusty played the Aggie War Hymn. I have so many great memories of college and it was so exciting to see the kids loving it and talking about the future when they get there.

Paxton bought into everything Aggie hook line and sinker. True to his over-analyzing self, he was already stressed about what grades he needed to get into school there and how many people get turned away every year. Mackey on the other hand decided that although she wants to take care of Reveille she will not be able to do so because she doesn't want to be in the corp (good choice Mackey, I don't think that is your thing). And Kirby was dressed so cute that all the sorority girls kept talking about her and of course she loved it! And Neeley...well Neeley was just Neeley...into everything.

We are so blessed to have the Wall Family live in College Station! We love you for more than a place to stay Tiff and Ben. We are already planning a baseball game and a girls soccer match. Thanks Aggieland for never disappointing!

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  1. I love all the pics but the last one of the girls was too darn cute. Tell Paxton not to worry-he will have no trouble getting into A&M! I've witnessed his abilities and he's got this! Mackie looks just like you, so cute. Kirby's and Neeley's dresses were adorable. Love you all-Aunt Mary